Professor Jodey Ingalls

Professor Jodey Ingalls

Professor Ingalls has been involved in martial arts for over 39 years. He started as a child in a Korean style “Tae Kwon Do” (International Tae kwon Do Federation) and at age 16 achieved Junior Black Belt. Pushing his Interest in combative arts Professor Ingalls in high school Joined the wrestling team and competed in Greco Roman Style wrestling. Professor also enjoyed some time in Learning Boxing at a local Boxing Gym.

Professor Ingalls at 19 moved to Victoria BC and went on to study a Self Defence/Combat program “Kenpo Karate”, and in just 3 years was the first to be promoted to Black Belt in Canada. He is now a Hall Of fame Member and is ranked 4rth Degree Black Belt under the late 10th degree Grand Master Ralph Chinnick. In the early 90”s while training in Kenpo he also met World Shootfighting Champion Bart Vale and began studying “Shootfighting” (MMA/ Submission Grappling & Muay Thai style Kickboxing).Professor Ingalls is ranked Senior Instructor “Shodoka” under 10th Degree Grand Master Bart Vale.

His back ground and love for stand up fighting led him to “Muay Thai Kickboxing” known as The Art of 8 Limbs and now heads his unique Muay Thai style kickboxing program taking his first son Chase Ingalls to an impressive record 22-2-0 holding three world titles, BC Men’s Championship Title, North American and Canadian Titles. Chase has also fought in Thailand and holds a championship belt from the Lumpini stadium.

In 2008 Professor Ingalls ongoing interest in learning led him to meet Professor Don Whitefield the Head of the West Coast Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu association and began his Journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With his previous experience in grappling and after only a few hours of training Professor Ingalls was promoted to the rank Purple belt, 6 years later in November 2014 he achieved his Black Belt and was one of the first two to be promoted alongside friend and professional fighter Shawn Albrecht, recognized under the West Coast Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association, with lineage under the Ricardo Delariva Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association.

In 2013 Professor Ingalls attended the Alliance phase 1 & phase 2 BJJ Instructor Program Directly Under Grand Master Jacare and Professor Lucus Lapri. Professor Ingalls in the past has completed and was certified in M.O.A.B (management of aggressive behavior) & Certified BST 1& 2 Instructor.

Professor Ingalls in the past has completed and was certified in M.O.A.B (management of aggressive behavior) & Certified BST 1& 2 Instructor

Professor Ingalls has spent many years studying numerous Martial art weapons in various programs like “Doce Pares, Krabi Krabong, Eskrima, Kali, Arnis and traditional Japanese and Chinese weapons as well”.

Professor Ingalls currently teaches full time in Campbell River and Is Head Coach for Pure Martial Arts & Fitness Campbell River, Grande Prairie Hei Ho Dojo and the Nanaimo affiliate schools CJ Martial Arts & Fitness.