Little Warrior and Young Dragon - Kids and Youth Programs

At Pure Martial Arts & Fitness we understand the need for kids to be fit, gain focus, discipline, and self-confidence at the same time learning effective self-defence skills. Our programs offer a unique way to maintain a child’s interest; at the same time, helping them to develop valuable life skills. Our Young Dragons program focuses on basic kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu training. Our programs are fun, effective, and safe; offering clear goals as they progress through our level ranking system.

At Pure Martial Arts all of our classes are age appropriate ensuring each child is taught at a level that matches his/her physical and psychological development. As younger students tend to have a shorter attention span, our children’s programs are divided into two separate levels little warriors: Kids (ages 4-8) and young dragons Youth (ages 9-15). After completing the introductory course, your child will be eligible to participate in the appropriate class for his or her age group. We use a unique approach involving Martial Arts games designed to build both their skill and fitness levels. While team sports are great for many children, not all children thrive in that environment. At Pure Self Defence no one has to sit on the bench; our programs allow every child to feel like a champion.

Along with developing the body, your child will begin to develop his/her mind. At Pure Martial Arts we help instil in our young students skills and attributes that help put them on the road to success in life. Students learn self-confidence, self-discipline and self-control as they learn more about themselves and how to respond to the world around them. Our young students are treated with respect and are taught to respect others as well as themselves.

Jiu Jitsu is the most practical way to teach young kids to defend themselves. We do not use elaborate techniques or forms that look good in demonstration. Our system emphasizes only realistic techniques for personal protection. For this reason we emphasize Jiu Jitsu coupled with some Kickboxing training, so that they are prepared to defend themselves on the ground, as well.

We believe in praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement enabling every child to develop the “Yes, I can!” attitude. As they progress, the children are encouraged to maintain the personal interaction skills they learn in class both at home and at school, ensuring successful beginnings leading to bright futures.

Your child/children will:

  • Increase in flexibility, agility and strength!
  • Gain respect for themselves and others!
  • Develop new levels of self-confidence, self-discipline, and much more!
  • Join an activity you can also do as a family!
  • Be able to defend themselves!

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