Rules & Customs

Our Studio is a place where one goes to gain knowledge and understanding of a new way of life. The atmosphere of a martial arts school is much more than an ordinary
gymnasium. It soon becomes a cherished place of learning.

When entering the studio, please remove shoes at the door.
Always bow when entering and exiting the training area to show respect.

Sign In – Make sure to record yourself and scan or sign in.

Etiquette:courtesy and respect shall be shown to instructors as well as fellow students at all times. Students are expected to work in harmony, assisting one another to learn.
No Profanity or abusive language.
No food, gum, or drink in the workout area
To prevent disruption we ask all students to stay out of office unless necessary.
Represent the Club- Make sure that your outfits, gear and everything you say and do represents Pure Martial Arts in a professional manner.

Uniform: All students are required to have a uniform, after enrolling in the school as a regular student. Either proper Kimono for BJJ or a Muay Thai shorts, wraps and a Pure
Martial Arts Team shirts for any other classes.
No jewellery is allowed when entering the training area. Jewellery can cause cuts and other injuries.

Personal hygiene: All students will pay close attention to their personal hygiene including keeping fingers and toenails short, and making sure their training gear and uniform is clean.

Group Class: for a group class to run their needs to be a minimum of 3 students. If there is less than 3, the instructor can decide if they want class will be cancelled or not.
If a student is late for class…that student will wait until the instructor motions for him/her to bow in and join class. Students who are late may be asked to execute pushups, sit ups, burpees, etc. Outside of the studio, knowledge and skills must be used only for true and pure self defence, never for purposes of aggression.

Discipline: At the discretion of the instructor, any member of the school may be suspended from training, either temporarily, or permanently, for not complying with these rules and customs.

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Pure Martial Arts and Fitness

Pure Martial Arts and Fitness
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