White Belt BJJ Mistakes: Ego and Resistance to Tapping


BJJ White Belt

White belt practitioners in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) often make common mistakes that can hinder their progress on the mats. Two significant mistakes are related to ego and resistance to tapping:



Some white belts may let their egos get in the way of their learning. They may resist tapping, fearing it will make them look weak or inexperienced.


Understand that tapping is an essential part of learning and improving in BJJ. Everyone taps, regardless of their skill level. Embrace the tap as an opportunity to learn and refine your techniques. Leave your ego at the door and focus on the learning process.

Resistance to Tapping


White belts may resist tapping, even when caught in a submission, due to a desire to tough it out or a fear of admitting defeat.


Recognize that tapping is a crucial safety mechanism and a tool for learning. It signals to your training partner that the submission is applied correctly and helps prevent injuries. By tapping early and often, you create a safer training environment and gain more opportunities to practice escapes and defenses.


Additional tips for white belts in BJJ:

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your training partners and instructors questions. BJJ is a complex martial art, and seeking clarification will help you understand techniques better.

Focus on Fundamentals

Master the basics before attempting advanced techniques. A solid foundation will serve you well as you progress in your BJJ journey.

Consistency is Key

Regular attendance and consistent training are crucial for improvement. BJJ is a skill that develops over time, and consistency in training will yield better results.

Be a Good Training Partner

Treat your training partners with respect, and prioritize safety during rolls. Communicate effectively, tap early, and help create a positive training environment for everyone.

Set Realistic Goals

Understand that progress in BJJ takes time. Set realistic short-term and long-term goals, and celebrate small victories along the way.

Final Thoughts

By addressing these common mistakes and adopting a mindset focused on learning, humility, and consistency, white belts can lay a solid foundation for their BJJ journey.

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Pure Martial Arts & Fitness – Professor Jodey Ingalls